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if you want to see more of the sectors and stocks to bet on under president obama or president romney, you can find a full list at thanks for joining the conversation. all ali is back next week. have a great weekend. hello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield in washington. in the next few minutes, president obama arrives in wisconsin, taking his campaign to paul ryan's home state. it is his first trip, the president, that is, there since february. with only a month to go before early voting starts, it's a state that could play a role in deciding this election. athena jones is with the
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president, traveling with the president, that is. you're becoming the advance team, too. he has two events there and he rides in with a lead in the polls in that state. so is he trying to keep down any possible bump the republicans might be getting from adding ryan to the ticket or what is the real ambition here? >> good afternoon, fredricka. they want to make sure they can keep wisconsin in the win column. in 2008, the president won this state with 14 points, by 14-point lead. and wisconsin has been a pretty reliably blue state. the last time it went red in a presidential election was back with ronald reagan in 1984. of course, putting paul ryan as a running mate for romney changed the game a little bit. we haven't seen many recent polls with the president with a huge lead. recent polls have said he's in the lead, but our cnn poll puts him up 52% to 43%, but it's a state the campaign may not have
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expected to really spend time in, but they certainly don't want to let it go. it's got ten electoral votes and in a close race, every little bit counts. >> and so republicans are trying to counter obama's campaign in wisconsin. in what way? >> well, it's interesting today, the romney campaign says that the fact that the president is coming here to wisconsin, this reliably blue state, shows he has a, quote, wisconsin problem. they have also paid for digital advertising. we haven't had a chance to see any, but blasting the president's record. the rnc separately has a similar message. they said the president has been ignoring wisconsin for 220 days and they have a new web video out. they're trying to capitalize on the fact the president is here in this state, that hasn't voted for a republican for president in many, many years, fredricka. >> okay, and with every stop besides stumping, sometimes the candidate wants to raise a little money, too. the president will be doing that
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at a fund-raiser with hank aaron? >> that's right. that's his first stop. he'll attend two fund-raisers. one is a low-dollar one. one is a high-dollar one. they expect to bring in at least $600,000. but of course, fund-raising is going to be a big part of all of this as we head into the last 45 days, fredricka. >> athena jones, thanks so much in milwaukee. appreciate that. >> all right, republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan was not in his home state today. instead, he is spending the day campaigning in florida, including a stop in miami's little havana neighborhood. ryan took the president to task on his policy towards cuban leader fidel castro and promised a tougher stance. >> in a mitt romney administration, we will not keep practicing this policy of appeasement. we'll be tough on this brutal dictator. all it has done is rewarded more dezpettism, we'll help those pro democracy groups.
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we'll be tough on castro, tough on chavez. and it's because we know that that's the right policy for our country. >> paul ryan's next stop is in orlando this afternoon for a town hall at the university of central florida. mitt romney, by the way, is in california focusing on fund-raising there. but it's romney's personal finances that are creating quite a buzz. he released some of his tax documents including his full 2011 tax returns. it shows he made $13.7 million last year and paid nearly $2 million in federal income taxes. because romney's income came largely from investments, he is taxed at a lower rate, $14.1%. we'll have more on the debate surrounding romney's taxes later on this hour. meanwhile in washington, lawmakers worked well into the night wrapping up final business before the november election. senators approved a roughly $500
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billion package to fund the federal government for the next six months, avoiding a possible shutdown come october 1st. if passive was delayed for days over partisan bickering. and the u.s. senate also passed a measure almost unanimously that strengthens america's resolve on iran. the non-binding resolution allows the u.s. to pursue a policy other than containment if necessary to prevent iran from equiring nuclear weapons. the one dissenting vote came from rand paul who said it was a de factod declaration of war. >> the surge in afghanistan is over and officials are saying it has been a success. if all goes to plan, there will be a withdrawal of u.s.-led international military force by the end of 2014. pentagon correspondent barbara starr has details now. >> as commander in chief, i have determined that it is in our vital national interest to send an additional 30,000 u.s. troops
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to afghanistan. >> the president in 2009 announcing a surge of troops into afghanistan. now, those troops are on their way home and the military is saying mission accomplished. >> the surge has effectively covered and enabled the training of the afghan national security force and it's an amazing outcome in and of itself. >> this is why the administration says it worked. the number of afghan forces has more than doubled to 340,000. the u.s. believe surge troops pushed the taliban out of southern strongholds long enough to let the u.s. train new afghan units and get them into the field. over 80% of operations in the south now are led by afghans. but it's come with a heavy cost. more than 1100 u.s. troops killed, more than 12,000 wounded in that time. behind all of the numbers, deep
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problems remain. the taliban still has plenty of fight left. one week ago, 16 insurgents breached the u.s. and british base in southern afghanistan, killing two u.s. marines and destroying six aircraft. and many joint u.s. and afghan combat patrols, the backbone of the war, have been stopped because of the disturbing number of nato troops that have been killed this year by afghans in military uniforms, many believed to be disgruntled troops. there are fundamental questions about those afghan forces. >> the troops know what their officers really care about, and that the officers are more worried about siphoning fuel off into the black market than they are in planning patrol to keep the troops alive. the troops see this and they aren't willing to riv their lives under these circumstances. >> and the cost of america's longest war continues to mount. about $430 billion so far. about $7 billion every month.
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at least three militants are dead in a u.s. drone attack in a town in north waziristan. two mizzles hit a car. two other militants were injured in the attack. the fighting in syria is spreading beyond its borders. there have been skirmishes near turkey and the lebanese border. lebanon says they have deployed military reenforcements to the area. >> the investigation of the secret service scandal is over, officials say. the agents who hired prostitutes in colombia did not harm presidential security. although they did engage in misconduct, the report is not going to be made public. taking no chances, the u.s. government has temporarily closed several diplomatic facilities in the middle east. more protests have been happening today over the anti-islamic film that has
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ignited so much anger in the muslim world. this is what daylight brought after friday's protests turned violent there. 27 people were killed and more than 100 injures. >> protests of a different kind erupted in libya. a rally in support of america and against extremism sprung up late last night, but it quickly unfolded into something else. here is arwa damon. >> it's probably one of the few countries where we are seeing mass demonstrations, not just in support of the united states but more condemning the attack that took place on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. people taking to the streets yesterday in the thousands demanding democracy, but more importantly, demanding an end to these extremist militias whom people and the government here say were behind that attack that took the lives of four americans. at night on friday, hundreds of
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these pro democracy demonstrators began taking situations into their own hands and storming various headquarters of known militias in the city of benghazi, including the headquarters of the militia, and if you'll remember, the libyan government has said that it has detained individuals who are part of that group in association with the attack on the u.s. consulate although they say the group as a whole was not behind that assault. >> thank you so much for that reporting. meantime, president barack obama and u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton will be heading to new york next week for a meeting of the u.n. general assembly. the violence in the muslim world will likely be high on their talking points. they say the president will likely talk about the attack in libya during his speech tuesday. he will also reiterate the u.s. stance that iran must not be allowed to build a nuclear bomb. it's a gift from mother to daughter that few might have
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a 25-year-old man is in critical condition after jumping into a tiger pit at the bronx zoo. the man was riding on the zoo's monorail yesterday when he jumped out of the car and launched himself eefrb the tiger exhibit fence. and no big surprise there, one of the tigers bit him several times. >> is the tiger going to be put down? >> no, as i said, the tiger did nothing wrong in this. did nothing wrong in this case at all. i really want to emphasize that. you know, this is a bad situation, but you know, it was a really good day at the bronx zoo because we had the cat which is still alive and we have this guy that we pulled out of the exhibit, and he's still alive. >> while the man was being attacked, staff members ordered him to roll out of the reach of the tiger, and that likely saved his life.
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still unclear why he did that in the first place. all right, doctors in sweden performed not one but two first of a kind transplants. in both cases, they transplanted the uterus of a post menopausal woman into the body of her grown daughter. neither of the younger women had a uterus. one was born without one. the other had her uterus removed because of service ic cervical . i talked about this with elizabeth cohen. >> they took the moms who were done having their children. the daughters were in their 30s. they took the uterus out of the moms and put it into the daughters, and then left them there, kind of kept them open on the operating table for 20 minutes. you can see it here. they sort of reconnected everything, took all the vessels and reconnected it into the daughters. that's out of one body and put that uterus into another body, into the daughters. reconnected everything, sewed it
2:19 pm
in place. attached it. >> and as far as they know right now, it's working. >> it's working, meaning it can hold a baby for nine months, and they don't know. they want to wait about a year. they want to wait a year until the women get pregnant, but then in a year, hopefully they'll know. what's really crazy is me is if these women do get pregnant, that baby is going to be in the same uterus that the mother was in. that mother was -- they're -- that uterus is carrying their baby, but they were also in that uterus. >> has this ever been attempted and now it's down to perfection, or is this the first all the way around? >> this happened in sweden and they tell us it was tried twice. once in a living donor and once with a cadaver. in one case, the woman didn't get pregnant, and in the other case, no one has heard if she's gotten pregnant. in other words, no live birth
2:20 pm
from a transplant. if it's a live birth, it would be the first. >> they're going to wait at that point to see if effectively these two women are able to use their new uterus before they're to perform any more surgeries? >> before they start doing more transplants? >> yeah. >> i would imagine they're going to be quite patient about this because they tried this surgery out on rodents and then they tried it on larger animals. i would imagine they're going to be quite patient about it. >> that's fascinating. that's a big old medical breakthrough. thanks so much. appreciate that. and every saturday at this time, we bring you information about medical breakthroughs or ways to improve your health and quality of life. on the campaign trail, we mentioned the president's long awaited arrival in wisconsin. air force one has touched down there in wisconsin, and we're awaiting his arrival to emerge from air force one there. he's in milwaukee for at least two reasons. both are fund-raising efforts.
2:21 pm
but just different audiences. he's returning to a state he actually won back in 2008 and is hoping to maintain that kind of leverage over his republican opponent. and of course, the president, when he lands there, he'll be heading to a couple fund-raisers. looks like -- there he is arriving right now. a couple fund-raisers, one is considered a big-money fund-raiser and the other one not as substantial, but important nonetheless, as he continues to kind of build those coffers as he chrrisscrosses th nation trying to garner more support. just now 45 days away. the president there in wisconsin, milwaukee, wisconsin, before he carries on with his fund-raising efforts there. all right, mitt romney meantime has released some tax records, but are they enough to quiet the critics? [ male announcer ] this is the land of giants.
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more than five years ago, a retired fbi agent disappeared in iran. they're offering a $1 million reward for any information on his whereabouts. susan candiotti talked to his wife. >> this is my husband, i have to take care of him. i have to get him home. >> but after disappearing more than five years ago, christine's husband bob is a long way from home where he once cuddled his newborn grandson. >> i'm not in very good health. i'm running very quickly out of diabetes medicine. >> this video showing the much thinner retired fbi agent being held hostage was sent to the family two years ago. the state department says it's unclear who's holding him. >> when we received the video, we had high hopes because we e-mailed back a number of times in order to get whoever is holding him to let us know what we need to do to get bob home. unfortunately, that hasn't
2:26 pm
happened. >> he disappeared on an island off iran's coe in 2007 where his family said he was investigating cigarette smuggling for a private company. fbi billboards are now up in new york's times square in hopes that visiting delegates to the u.n.'s general assembly will see him. what makes you think he's still alive? >> i just believe it in my heart. i know that from the video that he has lost weight and hopefully all of his health problems are at least at bay and he will be able to get home safely to us. i can never lose help. >> please help me get home. 33 years of service to the united states deserves something. >> what gives you hope when you look at that video and see how he looks? >> i know when he looks
2:27 pm
determined, and he looked very determined to make it home safe and sound. >> her husband has missed walking one of his daughters down the aisle. another daughter's wedding is in february. >> his closet is still full of his clothes that i know won't fit him anymore, and i haven't touched his dresser. every morning i'm reminding the nightmare continues. >> if he's able to see this, what do you want to say directly to him? >> we will never, ever, ever stop looking for you. i miss you every day. love you. >> the u.s. has offered no new information about where levenson is and who is holding him. i spoke to a source with knowledge of the investigation who says, quote, there's every reason to believe based on all of the evidence that levenson is alive and well. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. now to the race for the white house. today, president obama is
2:28 pm
zeroing in on a state that could be key to winning the election, wisconsin. you saw just moments ago that he touched down, now live images of him greeting people there at the airport. so the president holds two campaign events in that city today. wisconsin is the home state of republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan, but a cnn poll shows the president with a nine-point lead in that swing state. meantime, mitt romney is in california focusing on fund-raising, but it's romney's personal finances that are creating quite a buzz this weekend. yesterday, the republican presidential candidate released some of his tax documents including his full 2011 tax return. it shows he made $13.7 million last year and paid nearly $2 million in federal income taxes because romney's income came largely from investments, he is taxed at a lower rate, 14.1%. the documents also show that
2:29 pm
romney or the romneys, rather, donated more than $4 million to charity, but they only claimed about half of that as deductions to conform with romney's earlier statement that he has never paid less than 13% in income taxes over the last decade. >> all right, so now that those tax records are public, what impact, if any, might it have on the race? joining me now to talk about all of this, the latest from the campaign trail is the associate editor and columnist for the hill. good to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> anything ominous about the release of this information now just 45 days to the election and the release taking place on friday? >> all releases are done on friday on information that the campaign doesn't want to discuss or highlight, but it is really puzzling to people that it happened at all. this is something that the press
2:30 pm
has asked for, democrats have taunted the campaign for for a long time, even republicans have said get it out so it's no longer a distraction. it comes so close to the debate, so close to the election and continues to withhold. they're continuing to withhold the information so the release of the 2011 summarization of the tax rates from the last ten or so years just raises more questions about what is in those returns and what the details actually are. as you pointed out, it's great he gives so much money to charity, but it is true he had to forego deductions in order to stay true to the rate of 13% or more he said he's previously paid. if he had taken advantage of the deductions, he would make less. he doesn't want to provide too much information about too many years going back, and it's puzzling to even republicans about why it came out now. >> so that summarization you called kind of mysterious, all
2:31 pm
of this being puzzling, senate minority leader harry reid is accusing romney of manipulating his return. we don't know what the evidence is mr. reid has. why would he say that? >> reid, as you remember a while back, actually kept romney on the defensive by saying something outrageous, he had no evidence and senator reid said i've heard a rumor that mitt romney didn't pay taxes one or more years. he had no information, no evidence to accuse him of such a thing. but mitt romney and his campaign spent days distracted by it. answering to it, and so what reid did was succeeded in dragging out a story that wasn't a real story. he's back at it, attacking mitt romney. he likes to do this. i don't think it makes much difference, the most important thing here is to the new voters who remain.
2:32 pm
he's looking for new voters. romney has all of the people who are desperate to destreet president obama, but is it going to change the minds of new voters? >> romney is in california fund-raising. his partner paul ryan is in the very important swing state of florida campaigning. a couple interesting things have happened involving ryan over the course of the past 24 hours. he was booed when in front of the aarp. and then today, apparently, people spontaneously broke out in song, "god bless america" when he was in south florida. is there a feeling that romney and his partner, ryan, are kind of in sync, their campaigns are in sync? >> they are. the interesting thing is when paul ryan was chosen, however, on the 11th of august, we thought it was going to be a new campaign, a different one than the one we had seen for all these months since he became the nominee or the presumptive nominee and it hasn't. they were on offense for
2:33 pm
medicare for about a week. they got a bump in the polls. then they went to the convention, didn't speak much about it, and they have really to the frustration of republicans, not drawn a huge, bold contrast that republicans expected them to. so what you're seeing now is sort of a campaign where ryan is doing what romney wants him to but not making the big contrast. >> a.b., good to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you. all right, planning a trip to the big apple anytime soon? if you are, don't just think about visiting manhattan. don't think about those, you know, classic trademark kind of places. there are a couple hot neighborhoods that you've got to visit. and they're offering so much. we'll take you there. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil,
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if you're planning a trip to new york, you're probably heading to manhattan. maybe you'll take in a broadway play, but there are a lot of hot spots, neighborhood spots you need to put on your must-visit list when you head to the big apple. harlem has been a center of african-american culture for decades. a haven for poets like langston hughes and louis armstrong and now they're experiencing a new renaissance of culture and food. we talked about it with the featured director for travel and leisure magazine. >> the first thing to do is go to the studio museum in harlem which is incredible. thelma goldman has been instrumental in putting harlem on the map once again. it's a place that's devoted to emerging artists and forgotten artists of african-american descent. this is a place to give you a great taste of harlem. one of the great exhibits for the summer is an exhibit on postcards of harlem.
2:38 pm
different artists giving renditions of what they see around them. i love that museum and it's a great destination. but don't stop there. now a new draw, people know marcus samuelsson for aquavit, but now he's got the red rooster and then there's another interesting place, ginny's supper club. tell me about the two places. >> the new generation of harlem, he has kind of become a figurehead. he's passionate about the renaissance in harlem. he's made this corner of 125th and lennox the hot place to be, whether you go to red rooster harlem and have your chicken or his grandmother's meatballs you'll see people from celebrities, music stars, president obama is a fan. this is a place to go every time of day. people are just gorgeous, and then downstairs is a brand new supper club called ginny's. you can see live jazz, and my
2:39 pm
favorite thing they do is another traditional thing in harlem, a gospel sunday brunch. that's off the hook and amazing. >> fantastic. he has struck gold once again, this time in harlem. where do i want to stay? i want to stay in harlem if i'm going to do this whole harlem thing? >> absolutely. and a home base close to the apollo theater and silvia's is the incredible loft. you can stay there for $189 a night and great rooms with floor to ceiling windows and bliss amenities. just because you're staying in harlem doesn't mean you're not staying in style. >> you may think you know brooklyn, but you don't. there are hot areas, particularly williamsburg, not virginia, but new york. >> absolutely. williamsburg and brooklyn, i live in a different neighborhood, but last night, i was in williamsburg because it's a hotbed of coolness. >> take me to this boutique, this chocolate boutique. that alone will take me to
2:40 pm
brooklyn. >> so mast brothers chocolate, this is where you have to go. what is great about mast brothers, the passion project of two young brothers. they're obsessed with single origin chocolates. they go around the world looking for the best cocoa and produce these things by hand. not only do they produce them by hand but they wrap them individually in this beautiful paper. you can go to their frakactory see the process being done. their chocolate is one of my favorites and reason enough to go to brooklyn. >> then you want to lay your head down somewhere in brooklyn. what is it about the wythe hotel that you like? >> it just opened this spring. one thing i love about it beside the fact it's a great home base for all your explorations in brooklyn is the fact you can go to the coolest spot on the roof to see incredible views of the city, get great cocktails, and feel like you have a built-in scene. you don't have to go outside even to find the cool brooklyn theme at the wyathe.
2:41 pm
>> if you happen to be in new york next weekend, travel and leisure is sponsoring a global travel bazaar. it features food, shopping, and a zipline. to find out more, go to >> when it comes to producer a tv show or movie, there are more people involved than just the actors and directors and producers. next how caterers, flonorres fl and others are suffering because of big changes in hollywood. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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colorado shooting are suing the theater owner, they say the theater didn't have proper security and alarm systems. they want to be compensated for their loss and injuries. 12 people were killed and 58 wounded in the july 20th shooting at the aurora multiplex. >> on the same day the lawsuits were filed, the president of cinemark usa announced a plan to reopen the century 16 theater by the beginning of the new year. it's been closed for two months since the accused gunman went on that shooting spree. some of the victims' friends and
2:45 pm
family members believe the target date for the reopening is too soon. but a city spokesperson said they conducted a survey on facebook and the majority voted in favor of it. caters, florists, limo drivers, you don't see them on tv, but they are vital to the successful production of a television show. in hollywood, these workers say they're suffering as the result of some big industry changes. tv producers are moving to other cities like new york and atlanta to produce their shows, and they're taking a huge economic stimulus with them. kareen wynter takes a deeper look at how the industry has changed. >> and action. >> for a man who prefers to work behind the scenes of films like "wedding crashers" and tv shows like "blind justice" longtime key grip gary dag never imagined he would be part of an unscripted hollywood story line. >> it's a shame, but the whole
2:46 pm
paradigm of film making has changed. >> hollywood is on the brink of losing its title at the entertainment capital of the world. >> the people who serve the industry and have served the industry for a long time are in a world of hurt right now. >> a shrinking world of job opportunities that has left thousands of workers including dagg feeling the pinch. >> the people who serve the industry, the people, the kalterror, the people who run the flower shops, the ones who run the limo service. >> hollywood first lost its edge more than a decade ago when many film productions lured by better tax incentives began shooting elsewhere like the big apple, the big easy, and canada. now tv dramas are the latest to move out. only two of the 23 new fall dramas are being shot in los angeles. big tv dramas mean big-time jobs. >> a typical drama, 22-episode drama will hire 840 people. >> paul keeps track of area
2:47 pm
production as president of film l.a. >> california is way behind. if they had at the beginning of the incentives race come out with a modest incentive that was broadly based, it would have shut down the whole race. >> now states like new york are battling for bragging rights as the new entertainment hub. >> we see the mayor and governor of new york claiming in this century they will be the center of film and television production. >> the loss of tv drama production alone. >> we're down so far that where we used to own 80%, we're down to about 29% this year. >> a decline that's draining the wallets of local production workers like dagg along with california coffers. the solution, dagg says it starts at the legislative level with a push for more competitive tax incentives. >> what will this place look like if things don't turn around? >> i don't think any of this -- i don't think any of us want to lose what we look at as the glamour of hollywood. aside from the glamour, it's the
2:48 pm
nuts and bolts kind of industry that has helped sustain a lot of other ancillary businesses in town. the impact on not only los angeles but the state in general would be devastating. >> kareen wynter, cnn, los angeles. and singer/song writer jewel has a new project inspired by her adorable son. i'll talk to her about that next. who are you, really? country? rocker? glam? take off that mask and see! clean makeup won't fake up... won't clog your pores so it lets your skin breathe. it lets you be you! flawlessly. clean makeup. from easy breezy beautiful. covergirl. oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs.
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jewel has been nominated for four grammys, her debut album sold 12 million copies, she's a singer, songwriter, actress, poet, and producer, and now you can add children's book author to the list. she's just released her new book called "that's what i do." congratulations on the book. it's so sweet.
2:52 pm
>> thank you so much. >> tell me, what inspired you to write this book? >> i wrote this song for him when i was pregnant, and as i was writing the lyrics out into a notebook, it struck me that i wanted to make it into a children's book and have it illustrated so a year later, here i am. >> here you are. was it a difficult thing to do, to kind of extrapolate what you had written for music and now putting it on the pages? >> i would like to say it was an arduous process that took a lot of time to craft, but honestly, it's the exact lyrics from the song. once i had it done, it's just in song form sort of in here. it rhymes which i like because i want to teach my son rhyming when he gets older, and mainly a sentiment. a love letter to my son. i wanted him to know how loved he was and all the things i would do for him and where wanted to give it to other parents as well. >> would you mind reezing a favorite verse or two? >> if i had a sun i would paint
2:53 pm
yellow in a brush. the sun would hit your face from my picture filled with light and as darkness came, the canvas would fill up with night. that's what i would do do do because i love you you you. >> it is very rhythmic. in fact, we have a portion of that cd that's included in the book, and we're going to listen to it right now. ♪ if i was the sky i tell you what i'd do gather up the clouds and leave only the blue ♪ ♪ if i had the sun >> so sweet, and what is his response when he hears your music? >> he loves music. i don't know if he loves my music or not, but he seems to be agreeable. he loves the book. he points to the animals and things he recognizes. it's a neat gift we have been able to give him. >> is there any way to recognize whether he might be musical, too? >> he likes my guitar and likes music, but i think all babies do. we'll have to see with time.
2:54 pm
whatever he's into, i'm 100% supportive. >> let's talk about another project you have in the works. this summer you shot in atlanta a movie about the life of june carter cash. you have a lot in common with her besides the musical background, coming from musical families. is that kind of what lured you to that part? >> i was very honored to get to play june carter cash. a lot of people know her as johnny cash's wife but not really as her own artist in her own right. and she really was. she was a comedian, she wrote her own skits. she wrote songs a lot of people don't realize she wrote the ring of fire. so i was really honored. i'm not an actress and so one of the things that drew me besides my affection for her is really the challenge of the role, not many women are offered scripts that are so dramatic, that cause such a transformation, and i was very honored to take that opportunity and hopefully run with it. >> gosh, and speaking of transformation, that picture,
2:55 pm
we're going to show it again, is one you tweeted. this is your transformation of june carter cash. what did it take to kind of become her? >> i studied her a lot. luckily, the internet, there's so mane videos of her in her 20s, and i really imitated her walk and her talk and her speech and her rhythm. it was very fun to transform into her mentally, emotionally, and through my voice. when i got to set, the wig, the blue eyes, prosthetic teeth, it put it over the top. >> wow, the movie will be on lifetime later on this year. we look forward to that, and we can enjoy your book right now," that's what i do." thanks so much for being with us and sharing this beautiful musical message to all moms and dads they can share with their kids. >> thank s for having me. >> jewel is also raising money for breast reconstruction awareness. she's donating proceeds from downloads of her song flower for research and charitable care of
2:56 pm
breast reconstruction patients. she's also performing a benefit concert in new orleans at the end of october. all right, you never know what is happening behind closed doors. a georgia couple living in this house are now accused of unspeakable crimes against their son. we'll show you how the secrets were uncovered. if there was a pill
2:57 pm
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[ male announcer ] ocuvite. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. a teen is sent cross country with just $200 and a list of
2:59 pm
homeless shelters. a security guard spotted 18-year-old mitch at this grey' hound bus station in l.a. he was so small and malnourished he looked like a 12-year-old. he told police his mom and step dad, sheila and paul, locked him away for four years and he was starved and abused under their care. about a week ago on his 18th birthday, mitch says hes step dad grove him from georgia to jackson, mississippi, and put him on a bush to los angeles. their next door neighborhood talked to hln and says looking back, there was something different about that family. >> the girls would often just stare at us, they would stare at my daughter, at our family as if they were trying to say something or, you know, wanting to come over. they had this look on their face. i just thought it meant, poor babies, they can't cross

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